Solid State Data Recovery

Solid State Drives (SSDs) store their data in flash memory chips. Therefore, data loss is not caused by mechanical or hardware damage.

SSD drives may fail due to many reasons

•Firmware Corruption
•Faulty Controller Chip
•PCB Damage
•Detected as wrong size
•Bad Sectors/CRC/Unreadable Sectors
•Operating System Not booting
•Power Surge
•Liquid Spill/Flood Damage
•Damaged SATA or ZIF Connector
•Accidental Re-formatting/Deletion of data
•File System Corruption
•Not Detected in BIOS

With the widely use of SSD drives, SSD drive data loss is becoming more widespread. However, data extraction tools are not widely available for SSD data recovery and their format isn’t common.

We have developed our own tools and innovative solutions specifically for SSD data recovery. With their long-time experience, our hard drive data recovery experts use state of the art tools and knowledge to provide the finest and most innovative recovery solutions.

If your SSD has stopped working and you cannot access the data, the best thing to do is to turn it off to prevent further damage.

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