Server Data Recovery

NAS systems have proprietary operating systems, RAID configurations and file systems, and rarely fail as a result of hardware or system errors. Data loss on NAS systems tends to be the result of user errors with snapshot management or errors with other NAS data management features. We are able to recover your data from mechanical failures as well as software management corruption.

It is not enough to simply have RAID data recovery experience. Often data needs to be repaired or reconstructed, which is why our engineers are also experts in many different server applications and formats.

Our experience covers all types of server failures, from Microsoft Exchange servers to SQL database servers, and virtual servers. We can recover all your data including Office files, database files, images, audio and video files, backup and archive files, and any other files.

If you or your business suffered data loss or corruption to your server, we have state of the art tools and the experience to recover the critical data on your server.

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