Data Recovery Process


You can bring the broken device to our lab in person or you can send it to us viaUPS.

If you have no time to come to us, you can order a FREE UPS shipping label at [email protected] Along with this, you need to provide us with the detailed address, telephone number, contact person and cell phone or email information where we can send the estimate for the recovery. After we receive your order, we'll send you a confirmation with the label attachment that you need to print out, stick on the package (you don't need special paper, you can print it on a plain piece of paper) and drop off the package at your nearest UPS store. We recommend you place the drive in a cardboard box with heavy foam padding completely surrounding the drive (don't only use a padded envelope).


Once we get the storage device, we first do the examination and give you the success rate and final cost - we inform you on the same day via text message if the recovery of your data is possible and what the final cost of the recovery will be. When the customer brings in the drive a $50 estimation deposit is charged. If the recovery is possible and the customer proceeds with data recovery, the estimation is free. If recovery is possible and the customer declines recovery, the estimation costs $50. If the data is unrecoverable, the estimation is free.

The following procedures are done for each customer and each drive very carefully:

  1. We examine in detail the damaged drive before we inform the customer about the estimated recovery possibility and estimated recovery price.
  2. Once we give you our price, we stand by it, even if we underestimated the drive's damage and final costs exceed the estimated price.
  3. We examine all possibilities before we say deem the data is unrecoverable and lost forever.


After we receive your order confirmation, we start with the data recovery process which usually takes from 7 - 15 business days.


Depending on the urgency, we offer two levels of data recovery services:

  • STANDARD: Data Recovery is performed during regular business hours.
  • EXPRESS: Data Recovery takes up to 72 hours. It starts immediately after we receive the broken device and is performed 24/7 until we recover the data. For Express data recovery, we charge an additional 50% on top of the standard price.


Once your data has been successfully recovered, you have three options on how to get it:

  1. You can send us your hard drive
  2. You can buy a hard drive from us
  3. We can lend you one of our hard drives, free of charge

If you use the 3rd option – loaner drive - you need to place a deposit for the drive. Deposits are returned in full after we get the drive back.

If the amount of data is small, we can transfer it to a USB card or CD.


You can pick the hard drive with the recovered data up in person or we can send it to you via UPS.


Once you have checked and confirmed that all of the recovered data is OK, any copies of your data will be permanently and securely erased from our servers.