HARD DRIVE Data Recovery

Over the years, the storage capacity and reliability of hard drives has increased dramatically to meet the demands of modern operating systems. Unfortunately, hard drives fail just the same as any other electro-mechanical device and, of course, accidents happen.

Common HDD Problems We Can Solve

•Seized Spindle Motor: buzzing sound
•Damaged Printed Circuit Board: no power
•Bad Sectors: read errors
•Firmware Corruption: common with Seagate 7200.11 drives
•File System Corruption
•Inability to access any data
•Hard drive not detected
•Deleted files/Re-formatted hard drive
•Encrypted Hard Drives

We are authorized by all hard drive manufacturers to open the
drive without voiding the warranty.

Hard drives are mechanical devices with motors. They have the same basic structure but vary in how each part is used. Inside the hard drive are platters, spindle motor, heads, and head actuator. These are all sealed within the hard drive assembly which should be opened only by data recovery professionals.

Hard drives should be handled with care, especially desktop or server hard drives. Laptop computer hard drives are built to handle more shock, but are still fragile. We perform data recovery from all manufacturers of desktop, server, and laptop computer hard drives - whether it be Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems to get you back up-and-running as quickly as possible.

It's important to stop using a faulty or damaged hard drive immediately to prevent further damage. Too many IT experts, computer shops, and inexperienced data recovery companies attempt to recover data from damaged hard drives using dangerous and risky methods without understanding how hard drives work and why they fail. This makes the problem worse and results in more expenses for you. Be smart, don't risk it. Turn your hard drive off and call a data recovery specialist.

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